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You might have noticed some changes on the services menu. As I’m coming up on 5 years (!!! and also ???), there comes a time when we must evolve or die. JK, it’s not that serious. But, I do have some fun new things so keep reading to check them out!

P.S. Members receive 50% off all add-on services. My booking system doesn’t give me the option to select special pricing so the discount will be applied at your appointment. It’s OK. God gives his toughest challenges to His strongest warriors.

Darkening Drops

We all love the natural look that Beettan gives…but sometimes we just want to be extra dark! Select Darkening Drops to increase the level of intensity of your spray tan. We’ll work closely together to make sure it still is a perfect shade for your skin tone and that the fade is still even and gradual.

Luxury Finishing Powder

The luxury finishing powder helps remove any tackiness or stickiness you may feel immediately after your spray tan while leaving a glittery finish that makes you look like a magical fairy.  This is especially helpful during the warmer months as it creates a small (small, now, don’t go crazy) barrier against sweat. Still don’t sweat, tho.

Facial Contour




Mini Contour

The Mini Contour involves strategic shading on the face, abs, and booty for a sculpted look!

Full Body Muscle Defining Contour

This service has been around for a little while. This customized spray tan is for our athletic friends! Utilizing a smaller airbrush instrument, I’ll shade along your natural muscle tone to enhance definition.

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