How to Make Your Spray Tan Darker + Last Longer

Hint: It’s easier than you think!

A lot of y’all have been taking advantage of the 50% off rebooking promo so you might be wondering how to make sure your skin is prepped for your spray tan appointment this week.
The most common “mistake” (that sounds dramatic but here we are) I see time and time again is clients will not exfoliate before their appointment. It’s a double whammy if the client still has some spray tan left over from the previous appointment.
The night before your appointment, use a sugar scrub and an exfoliating mitt to get ALL of the excess off. If you feel like you’re not going to be able to get all of your old tan off that’s a good sign that you need to wait a couple more days before your next tan.
Remember, the spray tan goes 10 skin layers deep. We can only exfoliate the very top 1-2 layers. So you need to give your spray tan at least 10 days before you’ll be able to get the entire tan completely off.
Exfoliating will make your tan absorb and develop better and will help it last several days longer.  Trust me. I know this from experience.
I have the Beettan Exfoliating Sugar Scrub and Exfoliating mitts in stock at the studio if you need to stop by this week or you can click HERE to order it online with FREE shipping.

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